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    offers a top quality and professional removal service.

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    removal vans of between 20 and 65 m3


    removal vans of between 65 and 100m3


    furniture lifts


    m² of warehouse storage space

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  • Removal Service

    There are four stages to moving home :

    • Estimation of the volume of items to be moved and how
    • Preparation
    • Moving out of your property
    • Moving in to your new home


  • Furniture store

    There are five stages to the storage of furniture and personal items :

    • Estimation of the volume of items to be moved and how
    • Preparation
    • Moving furniture and personal items into store
    • Storage
    • Removing the furniture and personal items from store


  • The cardboard boxes must be labelled and closed.
    (Please note that it is important that you mark « Top- Bottom » on the boxes if they contain liquid substances.)

    For all high tech and multi-media/computing equipment, you are invited to use the original boxes if you have them.

    Electrical household appliances : Please empty and drain the washing machine, dishwasher and the spin-drier so that these household appliances are not at all damp on the day of your move. Don’t forget to defrost and clean your fridge and freezer.

    Please use the large cardboard boxes for household linen, toys and various other lightweight objects. The small cardboard boxes are to pack all books, CDs and other heavy items.

    Garden tools and equipment : Please clean all of this equipment beforehand and empty the fuel tanks of any motorized garden equipment.